Domestic Rates

  • Standard Hourly Rate 8am – 5pm – Prices start at £85/£95 plus VAT / hour (depending on your location) then £42.50 / £47.50 plus VAT per half hour thereafter – please see below and our fees map for more information
  • Fixed prices are available for larger jobs and on request
  • Gas Safe Landlord Certificate – Prices start at £85 plus VAT / hour
  • Boiler Servicing – Standard boiler service – Prices start at £85 plus VAT / hour– please see below for more information
  • Powerflushing – Prices start at £500 plus VAT based on a standard 3-4 bedroom house but please contact the office with the number of radiators you have and the make and model and Gas Council (GC) number of your boiler which you will find on the data badge.

Standard hourly rates

This applies to most jobs including leaks, boiler faults and breakdowns – but please call the office for clarification.  During the first hour, we will diagnose and hopefully get the issue resolved for you.  If the issue is not something we can resolve within the hour it will then go onto our half hourly rate.  However within the first hour we should be able to diagnose the problem, advise you of the fault and how much longer we estimate the repair to take and whether any parts are required to complete the job.  We try to be as fair as possible and apply the half hourly rate so that if we are at your premises another 20 minutes after the first hour, you are not charged for a full 2 hours.


Fault finding on combination boilers so we can diagnose your issue is about solving the problem. The process of diagnosing a boiler fault includes engineers’ investigation based on their training, experience and expertise.  In some instances engineers will need to call for technical advice to manufacturers for example or they may need to look in the boiler manual. This is all part of diagnosis.  Sometimes, boiler repairs can be a process of ellimination and sometimes multiple parts may be failing which is not always clear.  Our professional heating engineers, through their years of experience and training as a professional service and repair engineer, demonstrate technical expertise within the industry and know when they should call on technical advice or utilise information from other sources.

Boiler Servicing

There are different types of boiler services and the type we carry out as standard is an interim boiler service which means that we don’t just lift the boiler case and take the pressure filters.  We clean the Magnaclean, condense trap, drain the boiler in some instances, check pressure vessel on boiler and other checks needed.

There is also an option to have a strip and clean boiler service which is usually advised by manufacturers every 4-5 years and includes changing boiler seals and in some cases will need doing due to readings not meeting manufacturers instructions.  If your boiler is over 4 years old and you haven’t had it serviced regularly the service may take longer and additional charges may apply due to the variation in boilers.

Out of Hours Rates

Out of hours rates start at £120 plus VAT per hour


Commercial Rates

  • Standard Hourly Rate 8am-5pm – Prices start at £150 plus VAT / hour then £75 plus VAT per half hour thereafter – please see below and our fees map for more information
  • Fixed prices are available for larger jobs and on request
  • Gas Safe Landlord Certificate – These are priced on our standard hourly rate
  • Boiler Servicing – These are priced on our standard hourly rate
  • Powerflushing – Please contact the office as prices vary



We sometimes ask our customers for a deposit payment.  If we estimate the work we plan to carry out for you may take 3 hours or longer, our deposit structure is as follows but this may vary depending on other factors including materials costs

3 hours – £100

5 hours – £200

6 hours – / half day £300

1 day £400


Refund Policy

All services are non refundable but corrective services are offered if a problem is reported within 48 hours and is found to be as a result of works carried out by our engineers. If we are called to correct an issue and find there is no issue or the issue relates to a problem not caused as a result of work carried out by us, we reserve the right to charge for this visit  in the usual way.
However in the unplanned event that any incidents arise on site as a result of old / faulty pipework which GHPS have not installed and are not there to investigate or rectify, GHPS cannot be held responsible.  
Refunds for products are subject to manufacturer warranty.

Our plumbers, heating engineers, boiler repairs, appliance installers and power flushing engineers are available to take your call and are all based locally in the following areas: St Albans, StevenageHatfield, Welwyn Garden City, Hemel Hempstead, Harpenden, Watford, London Colney and many more. Please call us today and book a plumber on the job, fast.


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