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Are your drains blocked? Its never a nice situation to be in but luckily, we are here to help!
At GHPS we offer a full drain cleaning service for all clients ensuring that any blockages are unblocked to the highest standards.

To pinpoint any potential defects within your drainage system we have The market leading CCTV equipment and 3000psi telescopic jet washers fixed to our designated drainage van. After a CCTV survey we can produce a full report with viewline software which is approved by the Water Research Centre, Local authority building control and insurance companies. The report will come with video footage in HD and produced to your media preference and emailed electronically with a link to view the video footage. If defects are picked from the survey we have no dig technology to minimise disruption and service to your drainage system. All remedial works come with a 10 year guarantee. See below the list of remedial works we cover.

  • Drain relining
  • Excavations
  • Floods
  • Clear blockages
  • Clear downpipes
  • Clear guttering
  • Descale drains
  • Basement pump outs
  • Full structural epoxy resin lining
  • Point epoxy resin patch repairs
  • Excavations and pipe renewal
  • Drain Descaling
  • Drain Root cutting
  • Pitch fibre re rounding
  • New drainage installation

Spotting the warning signs of blocked drains

If your sink or plug hole is draining slowly or when you flush the toilet there is a build up of water the odds are, our drain has a blockage. Most of the time the blockage will be between the appliance such as the toilet itself and the pipe connected to it, however this isn’t always the case. When there is a backup of blockages this may mean that the blockage is actually further down the line and this is when you have blocked drains.
Additional ways of spotting blocked drains are by the smell. It will become apparent if you have a blocked drain over time because there sill be a bad smell coming from the drain which should not be the case. Also listen out for any strange gurgling noises as this could also mean the drains are blocked and in this case you are better off getting us to take a look at it for you.

If in doubt, give us a shout!

If you are unsure about if your drains are blocked then we can give you a firm answer. We use a telescopic camera that we put into the drain and take a look through the entire drain without ever having to go into the drain itself.

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