Reasons to replace your boiler in the summer

Reasons to Replace Your Boiler in the Summer:

Reasons to Replace Your Boiler in the Summer:

During the summer months, we don’t often consider our heating systems as they are not regularly used in warmer weather. However, when the winter draws in and the temperature drops, the boiler becomes critical in creating a comfortable home.

Boilers are statistically one of the most used appliances in Britain. Our reliance on them means that when they break down it can be frustrating and inconvenient for any homeowner. Instead of waiting for the winter to settle in and your dependence on your boiler becomes paramount, consider replacing your boiler in the summer!

The benefits of choosing to service or replace your boiler during the warmer months are numerous for both homeowner and installer. Engineers are often busiest during the winter due to boiler breakdowns as people start using them more frequently when temperatures drop. This greater availability means you can choose an installation time to suit you, and the rates tend to be lower as engineers are in less demand.

A boiler is a high price item which means there is never going to be a particularly great time to have to buy a replacement. However, you can reduce hassle and keep warm this winter by choosing the summer for a boiler replacement.


Here are 6 advantages of replacing your boiler in the summer:

Engineers are more available in summer:

Handling breakdowns and frozen pipes from the falling temperatures of winter make the cooler months the busiest period for our trained installers.

Choosing to replace your boiler in the summer means you can select a time that is more convenient for you. This means no waiting around or expensive emergency call out charges at a time when you need your boiler. You also have more time to select a reputable Gas Safe Registered installer.


You can stay warm

A boiler replacement on average can take between 1-3 days but can take even longer if you are considering a complete overhaul of your central heating system. Not being able to rely on your boiler during winter isn’t convenient for any homeowner, especially if it involves an unexpected breakdown. A failure in the functioning of your boiler could cause further damage to the heating system such as frozen pipes.

Having work done in summer means you can stay warm and not face so much disruption to daily life. Facing a couple of days with no central heating is easily tolerated with sunshine and warmer temperatures.


Gives you time to research

Having a new boiler installed in the summer offers you the leisure to take your time in researching brands and finding the most suitable alternative. We’re more than happy to offer our expert advice if you weren’t sure which boiler would be best for you, just get in touch today!

By planning ahead, you can also make sure you’re working with a respectable installer who isn’t going to do half a job. Unfortunately, we’ve having to attend various callouts recently because of other companies not completing the job correctly. This is why you should be confident you’re working with a trustworthy and experienced company/engineer. We recommended finding a business that is locally reputable with recommendations from previous customers.


Lower installation costs

Installation of a new boiler in summer offers a number of financial benefits compared to winter. Through the colder months, in particular, demand for heating engineer’s surge. As the need for boiler installation and maintenance rises, so does the cost. This is certainly the case if you need urgent assistance with an unexpected breakdown.

Choosing to install your new boiler in the summer gives you the opportunity to look around for the best deal.


Less likely to experience a winter breakdown

Replacing or servicing your boiler in the summer means you will be less likely to experience a breakdown when you most need it.

Homeowners become more reliant on their heating systems in winter. This increased demand causes the number of breakdowns to rise. Problems with your boiler in the middle of winter could mean an emergency callout and a more expensive service.


Modern boilers are more efficient

Getting a new boiler before winter could encourage a decrease in your energy bills. Modern heating systems run at a much greater efficiency than an outdated boiler.

Most modern boilers offer superior ERP A-ratings as standard. The highly efficient performance of these modern boilers means that they function at an efficiency of 90% or higher. New domestic boilers could save an average household hundreds of pounds in heating costs.


So, if this makes you realise that your boiler could do with a servicing or replacing then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. As you can see there are many benefits of choosing to replace your boiler in the summer! Contact us on 0800 043 0458 or email us at with any questions and queries you may have.