How to deal with blocked drains

How to deal with blocked drains!

How to deal with blocked drains…

Working with them firsthand, we can appreciate that blocked drains can be a nightmare! Because of this, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you unblock your kitchen sink in 2 easy steps! However, if these don’t help get in touch with us today and we’ll have an engineer out with you as soon as possible!


Option 1: Try Plunging

The obvious first step for most people would be to try and plunge the drain using an appropriate plunger. If the drain blockage is only affecting one drain in your house (i.e., just your kitchen sink), then plunging it might do the trick, as the blockage is likely to be close to the appliance. However, if the issue is further down the pipework, you might require specialist drainage tools, and it might just be best to call a specialist.


Option 2: Try removing the waste trap below!

You can always try removing the waste trap below the basin… We can’t promise that this will be a pleasant job, but it can be easily taken off and cleaned out if you think it’s blocked. If you don’t want to do this, it might be best to contact your trusted plumbing company.


Option 3: Call a Plumber / Drainage company!

Depending on how bad your blockage is, your best option might be to call a drainage specialist from the start. A basic plumber might just do the above steps and then recommend a drainage specialist who will come down equipped with a drain jetting machine ready to clean any blockage.


If you’ve tried unblocking your drains with the above techniques and had no luck then we can support you! Especially because we have a team built up of both drainage and plumbing experts. Our latest CCTV drainage technology allows us to investigate your drains without the need for digging up any existing drainage to uncover the issue!

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To minimise future problems and deal with minor blocked drain issues keep these 5 tips in mind:

  • Always have a plunger available
  • Use plug filters in showers and baths
  • Never put grease or oil down the sink/toilet or into the drainage system
  • Use cistern rather than over the rim fresheners
  • Don’t ignore signs of a blocked drain


If you are looking for a drainage specialist in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas, contact us today at Gas Heating and Plumbing Solutions on 0800 043 0458.