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How to use less water

How to use less water:

A recent survey showed most households underestimate their water consumption by more than half!

The Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS) recently conducted a survey that revealed that the average UK household uses a whopping 350 litres of water a day! This is pretty eye-opening considering most households estimate their consumption to be around 157 litres… What’s even worse is that 24% of people admit they have no idea how much they use!

With everyone stuck at home during the pandemic, it’s no surprise we’re using more water… this may be a result of more cuppas, more showers, and probably more flushes! Not to mention, we should all definitely be washing our hands significantly more!


Why should we save water?

While there are a number of reasonable reasons to reduce your water consumption, I bet you didn’t know that majority of these techniques are really easy and don’t even compromise any of your day-to-day activities. The obvious benefit of reducing your water consumption is the financial benefit – You will save money by using less water, this is because around 20% of your gas bill (assuming you have a gas boiler) is for heating water used for baths, showers, and hot taps.

Another benefit of reducing your water consumption is the environmental benefit that would come from this. We may be living in a country that sees its fair share of rain but unfortunately, this doesn’t prevent us from having a water shortage in the UK. Especially as a result of climate change, our temperatures are expected to rise and continue rising over the next 20 years… meaning we’ll see warmer, drier summers, and higher drought risk. Reducing consumption allows us to minimise water being taken from rivers and aquifers, therefore not only preserving resources but also protecting wildlife. On top of this, water treatment and getting it around the country also uses energy which contributes to around 1% of the UK’s carbon emissions!

how to save water

Our 5 top tips to saving water:

Restrictions are slowly starting to lift, and that means many of us will be getting ourselves back into the office. Saying this, an estimated 25-30% of us will continue to work remotely from home (on occasions). Regardless of where we work, we can all make an effort to use less water, here are some of our top tips to do so…

Make the most of run-off water: Keep a jug by the sink and use it to catch the run-off water while you’re waiting for it to get hot. You can then use these to hydrate your plants or for cooking.

Pet care: Refreshing the dog or cat’s water bowl? Don’t pour the old bowl away, instead use it to water plants

Shower time: We recommend trying to keep showers to 4 minutes long. You can use a timer but it might be more fun to choose a 4-minute song to play and try to be done by the end of it (did you know there is a Spotify playlist of 4-minute songs created especially for this purpose!).

Dinner time: Boiling veggies? Rather than draining the water down the sink when boiled, use it as a stock for soup or making gravy – it’s full of nutrients from the vegetables. You can even freeze it if you’re not planning to use it straight away.

The washing: We’ve all heard the old tale about hair ‘washing itself’ if you leave it long enough haven’t, we? Well, there is actually some truth in this: hair can benefit from fewer washes and condition will improve after some time of not washing it, as long as you can tolerate the greasy stage first. Lockdown is the perfect time to put this to the test as you can’t tell when hair is oily on a Zoom call, plus it’s still cold enough to wear a hat on your daily walks! Not washing it will save water, as well as shampoo and conditioner, and by the time we all emerge from lockdown, it will be in peak condition!


We understand that some of these may be outside of your comfort zone, as they definitely are for us! But if you’re looking for ways to reduce your water bills then why not put some of these to good use? If you’ve got any suggestions yourself, we’d love to hear them!

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