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6 Ways to Keep Your Drains Healthy:

6 Ways to Keep Your Drains Healthy:

Luckily, modern-day plumbing has adapted, and we now have complex systems of piping and drainage in place to take care of all the things we flush away. Like anything in life, taking good care of your drains means they will last longer. Meaning they won’t give up on you, saving you from an expensive problem!

To help you with this, we’ve put together this list of 6 ways to keep your drains healthy:


Hot water! 

Unlike cold water, hot water will prevent any grease or food leftovers from running down the drain. This will prevent them from sticking to the pipes and clogging them.


Pour Vinegar

Yes, your grandmother is right! Vinegar is still one of the best cleaners… pour one cup of vinegar down a drain and wait for 30 minutes.

Then, run hot water down the drains to ensure that all those food bits have dissolved.


Catch the Food Bits

While we appreciate it’s very tempting to let the little bits of food go straight down the drain (and even we do this every so often!) it’s important to try to hold back from doing this as this will all build up overtime… causing a disgusting, smelly build-up!


Give it a Regular Cleaning

Drains, especially shower ones, can be a bit gross. Alright, a LOT gross, but if you clean them regularly it will prevent hairs and suds from building up. No one likes a slow draining shower!


Outside drains are important!

While we automatically assume our inside drainage is important, it’s key to remember that majority of the time all of the drains connect at one point… therefore it’s important to check your outside drains regularly for debris/leaves that may be stopping your drains from working properly.

For this, we recommend buying a drain grate to catch those sneaky leaves and twigs.




Don’t Use Corrosive Chemicals:

While it’s tempting to buy a strong acid and pour it down to drain to dissolve any build-ups. This is a very bad idea!

Through doing this you may injure yourself and you will certainly corrode the piping system. Keep to the home remedies; your drain will thank you!

In case these tips came a bit too late, or you find yourself experiencing any other issues to do with your drains you can contact us on 0800 043 0458 and we’ll have our highly skilled engineers take a look at your drains.